Fine Accoutrements Lather Bowl - Red/White

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    Building a proper shaving lather on your face with a brush and a traditional shaving soap or cream is a great first step to improving your shave. However, if you want the most luxurious lather your soap or cream can possibly produce, you simply must have a lather bowl. The Fine Shaving Lather Bowl has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up just for this purpose.
    The Fine Lather Bowl is best used with a brush that has been pre-loaded with soap or with an almond-sized dollop of cream. It is not intended to replace a shaving mug or soap bowl for soap storage and brush loading, but to complement it.

    Wall Mountable
    Fine Stoneware Construction
    7.125"W x 2.125"H Including Handle
    5.125"W x 2.125"H Not Including Handle
    Embossed Bottom Suitable for Display

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